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Oh shit, Sidneys talking to the brother in law. Nothing goods going to come from that, I know. I hope that Mark isnt stupid and his cop instincts kick in and tell him not to say anything to Sidney.Kyle and the Reverend should have known that the demons would eventually get tired of being questioned. Im not surprised that when Kyle pushed for answers, the demon inside of Megan attacked.I kind of feel like the only use the Reverend has, it to keep Kyle going. As his cross and words dont usually help at all. Theyve helped maybe once or twice, but thats it. Its Kyle doing the rest of it.Im glad that Kyles touch still hurts the demons. Thats something he should keep in mind and use to his advantage each time he tries to help someone whos possessed by these psycho demons.I have a feeling that while light worked on a few of the first demons, its not going to work on all of them. I dont understand the significance of using cold water to hurt the demon. If it was blessed water of any kind, then Id get it.Hmm, okay now. So Kyle and the Reverend have found 3 things they can use against the demons to hurt them and to possibly get rid of them. Kyles touch, water, and light. I hope these things keep working for them.The fighting between the demon in Megan, Kyle and the Reverend is crazy. Im glad the Reverend told Kyle to be careful and warned him that the demon was trying to kill Megan by hitting her head on the wall.Oh crap, Mark just showed up. I knew he was going to try and stop Kyle and the Reverend from getting the demon out of Megan. I also knew that the demon inside Megan was going to hurt Mark.By the way, did Mark leave Holly with Sidney?! What the fuck?! Now some crazy shits going to happen to the poor kid. Its bad enough her grandmother and mother have gotten possessed, but Il pretty sure shes gonna be next.Holy shit! The demon inside of Megan just pushed Mark out of the window! I agree that Mark can wait a minute while they try to get the demon out of Megan. It sucks, but Megans the priority right now.Well, Im glad that Megans okay. Or, at least they want us to think that shes okay. I get the feeling that if shes okay right now, that wont be the case later on. That the demons will go after her again.I cant tell if Marks dead or not. I hope that hes not and that he thanks Kyle for saving Megan. Well probably have to wait until the next issue to find out whether or not Marks still alive.Oh shit! I hate that Mark left Holly alone with Sidney. I just have the horrible feeling that Sidney and the other demons are going to do something to Holly, if they havent already.Whew! Another issue down. I cant wait to see what happens in the next issue. I hope that nothing happens to Holly, and that Mark ends up being okay. Also, Megan better NOT blame Kyle for this shit.

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